Play as a protest against perfectionism with Becca Piastrelli & Lorena Aguirre



My name is Lorena Aguirre, I am a women’s empowerment coach based in Mexico City and this is my podcast, Con amor carajo, which in english would translate to something like “With love, damn it!”

I believe in compassion as a tool to self knowledge and self knowledge as the most powerful way to make an impact in the world from our very true essence.

I normally don’t record episodes in english, this is my first one and I am so excited to be sharing this with one of the most smart, sensitive and coherent woman I know, my dear friend and mentor, Becca Piastrelli.

Her formal introduction reads: Becca Piastrelli is a creativity coach, sisterhood circle space holder, podcaster, nature lover and a big believer in the importance of working with your hands.

Becca is a wise woman who has done a lot of personal work to overcome that kind of perfectionism that we women know so well… the one that leaves us exhausted and asking once and again if we are doing it right or if it is good enough.

I knew Becca when she was “doing things with her hands”

Just that.

No fancy introduction or egotistic view of her work… to me, it’s like she was saying “I am just playing here… and letting myself create and fail in the process”. And that was exactly what I needed the most.

Then, a couple of years after that, she wrote this in her website:

I’m not afraid to face discomfort, confusion, anger, or judgement around topics like cultural appropriation, unconscious bias, colonizers mindset, and white privilege.

I am ready to talk about all of it with you.

I desire to give voice to the darkness.

I mean… do you already love her or what?

I did.

That’s when I fell in love with her and her work and the way she embodies all that with integrity. I knew that feelings of discomfort too, and I also was and still am willing to walk that road of giving voice to the darkness.

That’s a (not so) mini story of how I met Becca.

I am sure she’ll be back soon to talk about all those beautiful and trascendent topics she’s uncovering on a daily basis but today I want to introduce her to you through the basics, I wanna go back to where she started, to doing things, to using your hands to create, to stop the noise of that perfectionist mind.

So, without further ado, this is Becca Piastrelli:

I need not to take things so seriously, I need not to be a master painting, I need to take my brushes and be fine with whatever comes out on the sheet of paper, even if it is a brown stain, I need to be at peace with that idea. #BeccaPiastrelli in #ConAmorCarajo @Descubremásdeti

I really hope this conversation helps you give yourself permission to keep moving forward in your efforts for letting go of the fear perfectionism creates and to start enjoying your body and the sensations it can experience when it’s creating things.

I’d like you to tell us what this topic inspired in you. Maybe something about the interior patriarch, maybe what about being the black sheep that questions the way things are, maybe how do you enjoy playing or what are you willing to do after listening to this episode. You can type http://bit.ly/becca180 and leave your comment below

Before I go, I wanna say thanks.

Thank you Becca for your presence and for your courage, for giving yourself the time, the space and the opportunity to be “the dabblist”, and for how you allowed things to unfold after. It’s a pleasure having you in my life.

Thanks to Michelle for being Becca’s dubbing voice in the spanish version of this episode.

And thank you, who are listening, thank you for being part of this movement to face perfectionism and the sequels it leaves behind.

My name is Lorena Aguirre, you can catch me at lorena@descubremasdeti.com 

See you very soon!

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